First Competition Winner: Ibanez Jem 70V


We knew we were going to get a great response to our Issue 1 Steve Vai Ibanez Jem70V competition – but we had no idea just how astonishing your response would be! Seems like Mr. Vai and Ibanez have quite a few fans out there – who could have guessed?

Reviewed in issue 1 along with the fabulous, limited edition, JEM-EVO, the 70V manages to get stunningly close in sound and playability to the custom shop guitar. It’s a remarkable achievement for Ibanez to have managed that with a production model.


As Tom Quayle said in his review: “This 70V model is a superb guitar to play, featuring some amazing tones and a set-up that plays almost as easily as the EVO version. This is a real triumph for Ibanez and an impressive achievement, given that their Japanese instruments are as good as it gets. The neck feels incredibly comfortable and smooth and thanks to the same Edge Bridge and locking nut, tuning stability is perfect, even after very aggressive whammy bar antics.”

Thank you to the thousands of Gi readers who entered – better luck next time.


And, of course, our thanks to Headstock Distribution and Ibanez!

So who was our lucky winner? Chosen at random, Becky Haslam of Preston, Lancashire, UK is the lucky winner. Leading her own band, She Rox Becky is a gigging guitarist/singer and already a confirmed Ibanez player! To say she was excited by the news of her win was… a bit of an understatement!

Congratulations to Becky who will soon be rocking even better with her brand new Ibanez Jem 70V!

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